CRASH Services and Expertise


  • • Speed Analysis
  • • Momentum Analysis
  • • Crush Energy Analysis
  • • Time Distance Analysis
  • • Human Factors Analysis
  • • Airbag Control Module Imaging and Data Analysis, “Black Box Download”
  • • Lamp and Filament Analysis, “ON/OFF”


  • • Occupant Restraint System Examination
  • • Post Collision Examination
  • • Commercial Vehicle Post Collision Examination


  • • Pedestrian Accident Reconstruction
  • • Motorcycle Collision Reconstruction
  • • Heavy Vehicle Reconstruction

Other Services

  • • Forensic Mapping and Diagramming
  • • Forensic Photography
  • • Vehicle Dynamics
  • • Occupant Kinematics
  • • Insurance Fraud Identification and Reduction
  • • Litigation Support
  • • Review of Police Accident Reconstruction Reports
  • • Courtroom Testimony Preparation
  • • Expert Witness Court Testimony

Classes and Training Opportunities

CRASH, LLC employs certified instructors and trainers. Our experts can provide custom tailored courses that cover a wide variety of topics. Our instructors create a stimulating, interesting and informative learning environment designed with the adult learner in mind. With years of instructor experience, our staff provides students with real life learning situations, case studies and examples. Contact us for a free consultation and training needs assessment.

Research and Scientific Testing

Professionals at CRASH, LLC have personally participated, conducted and documented scientific testing in the field of collision investigation. CRASH, LLC has been involved in studies of perception response time, conspicuity analysis, vehicle acceleration and deceleration studies and human factors research. Our experts have conducted numerous controlled crashes used for research and training purposes.

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Collision Analysis and Reconstruction

Experts at CRASH, LLC conduct collision analysis and reconstruction utilizing the latest approaches being utilized within the reconstruction community. In-Line Momentum, 360° Momentum, Speed Analysis based on X and Y Delta V and Crush Energy Analysis are just some of the approached used by our experts. Airborne Analysis, Critical Speed Analysis, Time Distance Analysis and Vehicle Dynamics are just some of the approached our experts utilize while reconstructing and analyzing collisions.In addition to the car vs. car collisions, CRASH, LLC experts also reconstruct pedestrian, bicycle and motorcycle involved collisions. Our experts prepare a custom report which outlines our approach and calculations, while explaining the basis for analysis. CRASH, LLC experts have the knowledge, training and practical experience to put forth a complete and accurate accident reconstruction analysis. At CRASH, LLC we present our clients with the most accurate facts and circumstances about the collision in a customized report, which allows our clients to make an informed and educated decision about their case. Contact us for a free expert consultation.

CRASH Data Retrieval "Black Box Download”

Many vehicles on the roads today have the capability to store collision related data. The Airbag Control Module, commonly referred to as the “black box”, contains information that can be crucial to the outcome of the investigation. The primary function of an Airbag Control Module (ACM), installed in a supported vehicle, is to analyze vehicle’s change in velocity and to determine whether a deployment of the occupant protection systems is warranted. As a secondary function the ACM of a supported vehicle is capable of recording data and storing information that is relevant to the collision. Information stored within the module varies based on the manufacture’s specifications and may contain the following information: vehicle speed, change in velocity, engine RPM, brake switch indicator, ABS switch indicator, seatbelt use indicator, seat sensor data, seat position at the time of the collision as well as other pertinent data. When properly imaged, utilizing authentic hardware and software, an analyst can interpret the data and utilize it during the collision reconstruction. CRASH, LLC uses Bosch CRASH Data Retrieval hardware and the latest version of the software to image the modules of the supported vehicles. The experts at CRASH, LLC are able to provide accurate analysis of the information obtained from the module in order to use it during the investigation. Our experts validate the data reported by the module through traditional methods of accident reconstruction. CRASH, LLC also provides “download only” service to our clients. Initial consultation with CRASH, LLC expert is always free. Contact us to find out if your vehicle is currently supported by Bosch CDR System.

Motorcycle Collision Reconstruction

With fuel prices increasing on daily basis more and more drivers are trading their gasoline hungry cars for economical motorcycles. As more riders take to the roads motorcycle collisions are also on the rise. CRASH, LLC provides full motorcycle reconstruction services. Motorcycle post crash examination, speed from gear ratios, motorcycle dynamics analysis. The experts at CRASH, LLC are not only armed with training and experience of motorcycle accident reconstruction, but also formal police motorcycle operator’s training and years of riding experience. Our experts know what motorcycle riders experience when faced with a threat on the roads and we utilize that knowledge when conducting a reconstruction and analysis of a motorcycle collision. When handling a case involving a motorcycle CRASH, LLC experts keep our clients engaged in the process and educate them about the intricate details and special considerations of motorcycles. CRASH, LLC experts rely on years of motorcycle collision investigative and motorcycle riding experiences to create a thorough analysis for our clients. Contact us for a free expert consultation.

Post-Crash Vehicle Examination

Post collision examination of the vehicles involved in a collision is an important part of a complete accident investigation. The importance of meeting the regulations set forth by the US Department of Transportation (US DOT) should not be dismissed during a collision analysis. A post crash vehicle examination is conducted to ensure that the equipment installed in the vehicle meets the original manufacturer’s standards and safety requirements. Often the vehicles are modified from their original condition to provide a “custom” look and performance. In many cases, the modification to the vehicle is performed by the owner and not by a certified mechanic. Some replacements and modifications of the OEM parts results in diminished performance of the vehicle and may influence the safety features that were designed by the manufacturer at the time of production. Our experts always conduct a post crash examination of all available vehicles in order to collect relevant evidence and to ensure the vehicles met manufacturer’s specifications at the time of the collision. CRASH, LLC experts are available to respond to the storage facility on short notice in order to conduct the examination and collect pertinent evidence. Contact us for a free consultation.

Lamp Examination and Analysis

Statistically the majority of serious motor vehicle accidents occur at night on rural roadways or highways. Drivers involved in a motor vehicle collision often state that they never saw the vehicle approaching.The ability of a driver to discern an approaching vehicle on a dark roadway is greatly diminished if the headlamps are not on. In cases where a claim that the vehicle did not have its lights on is made, a lamp analysis becomes a critical component of the accident reconstruction. Lamp examination allows investigators to determine if the lamp was incandescent at the time a vehicle was involved in an accident. CRASH, LLC experts have years of experience in automotive lamp examination and analysis. Often the lamps and light bulbs from a vehicle involved in a collision can provide investigators with evidence, which would otherwise be left to scrutiny. The lamp examination may reveal the status of the lamp at the time of the collision. Contact us for a free consultation.

Occupant Restraint Examination and Analysis

The use of the seatbelt by the driver and passengers is often left open to debate and scrutiny when a vehicle is involved in an accident. Insurance companies want to know that the occupants of the insured vehicle were buckled up and in compliance with the state seatbelt laws. Failure to wear a seatbelt may result in a lower claim settlement by the insurance company or a claim being dismissed. Often times injuries associated with wearing a seatbelt during a collision are not properly documented by the first responders. Our experts have years of hands-on experience and are able to conduct a complete examination of the seatbelts. CRASH, LLC leaves no question unanswered when conducting an examination and documentation of seatbelt use or nonuse. Our experts will respond to a location where the vehicle is being stored or conduct the examination in our facility. CRASH, LLC experts will prepare a comprehensive examination report to be used during insurance claim process and/or courtroom litigation. Contact us for a free consultation.

Forensic Mapping and Scene Diagramming

Detailed scene diagram is an essential part of a collision investigation. CRASH, LLC experts have produced hundreds of diagrams and forensic maps of crash and crime scenes. Utilizing the latest instruments such as: a total station and computer aided design software, experts at CRASH, LLC produce forensic maps and diagrams of vehicles, roadways, intersections and buildings, just to name a few. CRASH, LLC experts collect the data from the crash scenes, crime scenes and vehicle damage profiles.Once the data points are collected on the scene, the information is transferred into computer aided design software where our experts create a custom scene diagram for our client. At our client’s request CRASH, LLC experts also create a three dimensional crash and crime scene diagrams often used during courtroom presentations when photographs do not provide a sufficient illustration of the scene. CRASH, LLC also produces large scale, high resolution courtroom presentation boards at client’s request and to client’s specifications.A forensic map and diagram is part of a complete reconstruction report. CRASH, LLC also provides diagram only service to our clients. Contact us for a free consultation.

Forensic Photography

CRASH, LLC experts have the knowledge, training, experience and the latest equipment necessary to provide high resolution, full frame photographs. With technological advances everyone has the ability to take basic digital photographs. However, when someone with little to no forensic photography experience attempts to document an accident scene, important details and evidence are often neglected and overlooked. CRASH, LLC professionals have years of forensic photography experience, as well as formal education and training in the field of digital media and arts. Our forensic photographers have the ability to bring to light even the smallest objects of interest and most inconspicuous of evidence. The high resolution photographs are provided to the client and are made part of a comprehensive accident reconstruction and analysis report at the conclusion of the investigation. CRASH, LLC can produce large scale, high resolution photographs for courtroom presentation. Contact us for a free consultation.

Human Factors Analysis

Statistics indicate that 41% of all traffic collisions in the United Stated are related to driver’s difficulty in perception and information processing, 53% are related to attention problems, such as: distractions and pre-occupation. With 94% of all traffic collisions on American roadways being attributed to the operator “error”, human factors analysis is a critical part of accident reconstruction. Although a very important part, human factors in collision analysis remains the most overlooked component of accident investigation. It is often open to interpretation by the investigator, the courts and the juries. Our experts use scientific data collected by leading human factors researchers when considering driver’s behavior and actions during the collision in order to achieve maximum precision during analysis. The human factors analysis completed by CRASH, LLC provides a comprehensive model that illustrates how drivers have responded to a particular stimulus during studies and research. Our experts compare the responses documented by the studies and research to the driver’s response and actions in the collision under investigation. CRASH, LLC experts always utilize the information from the scientific community to validate their opinions and findings. At CRASH, LLC we do not blindly accept “commonly used” and “cookie cutter” values of perception response time often featured in reconstruction reports. At CRASH, LLC our experts built a custom model supported by science for each individual collision and driver we investigate. Contact us for a free consultation.

Report Review

CRASH, LLC experts are able to review existing reconstruction reports for accuracy and thoroughness. It is important that a client has an accurate report before proceeding with the case. Our experts can isolate and highlight the strengths and weaknesses within the reconstruction reports and provide potential solutions to our clients. Whether an honest mistake or an intentional misrepresentation CRASH, LLC will identify the discrepancy and provide our client with the proper approach and solution. Contact us for a free consultation.