Collision Reconstruction And Scientific Hypothesis, LLC (CRASH, LLC) is an accident reconstruction company that conducts complete collision related analysis. Our company has set forth goals and objectives to become a leader in the collision reconstruction industry. Conducting complete and thorough investigations into the causation of the collisions, while maintaining the highest level of integrity, is at the forefront of those goals.

CRASH, LLC experts are certified collision reconstructionists, who receive the latest training on a continuous basis from the leaders in field of collision reconstruction. Our experts are current and former law enforcement officers, who have responded to hundreds of crash scenes as first responders. Our experts have investigated numerous accidents shortly after their occurrence, not months or even years after the accident happened. This gives our experts additional and advantage over those who only receive the case photographs and police reports at their desk. CRASH, LLC experts leave nothing to chance; they track down, analyze and consider every piece of evidence and follow-up every lead. Trained in interview techniques, CRASH, LLC experts conduct complete case investigation, including interviewing involved parties and witnesses in order to validate the results of the forensic collision analysis. CRASH, LLC experts are always available to discuss your case during a no cost and no obligation meeting. Contact us for a free consultation.

Although the consulting aspect is the main focus of our company, experts at CRASH, LLC also conduct accident related scientific testing and CRASH, LLC instructors provide education and training in the field of collision reconstruction.

Mission Statement

Conduct all aspects of collision investigation in a fair and impartial manner; bring to light the facts of the events, provide a custom detail oriented forensic analysis of the crash and to enable our clients to formulate an informed decision based on the expertise and the highest standard of professional ethics of our experts.


Emerge as the industry leader in the field of collision analysis and reconstruction, as well as collision safety product testing and development.

Our Team

Vlad Bortchevsky